Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check Your Region's Air Quality with myENV App by NEA!

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Haze, haze go away, come again another day! (Or shall we say, please don't come back again!)

Yes, it is the time of the year again where hotspots are widespread across our neighbouring country which brings the haze to Singapore. It is pretty difficult to contain the forest fires and impossible to control the wind direction but what we can do is to monitor the PSI readings and take preventive measures!

There is no better way than to download the myENV app (for iPhone users) by NEA to check on the PSI readings on the go!

Unlike news broadcasts that tell you the average PSI reading of the island, the PSI readings in myENV app gives you air quality of 5 different regions! And more importantly, the base map used is OneMap. :D

Besides the air quality, dengue hotspots are also displayed using OneMap as the base map!

For more detailed information on air quality, do go to NEA's webpage on PSI readings: 

Do remember to check out the PSI readings for the next few days and stay indoors if you are experiencing any discomfort from the haze. :)

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