Monday, March 28, 2011

Services Icon - Season Parking

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The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has made application for season parking ticket much easier to do with OneMap displaying information of car park locations!

As usual, you can go to the Service Icon in OneMap and select the Season Parking option.

In the URA website, navigate to the 'Apply for new season parking ticket' section and you can see there are a few options with a map icon, yup, they are from OneMap. :)

In this simple demo, we selected motor car (residential). Once you are clear of all the regulations, click 'Apply' to get to the page where you can choose your car park via OneMap.

You can either select the car park by selecting the car park from the map itself or just search for the car park in the drop down form.

In this example, we selected Beatty Road Area from the drop down box and the map zooms into the area, showing all the available car park locations.

So, what is so good about having a map to select your car park? Visually, it is a lot easier for users to choose the car park by knowing where the adjacent and nearby buildings and roads are, rather than to choose from a list of texts showing only the car park numbers. The tendency to choose a wrong car park is a lot lower as well!

Users can zoom in and out to find out more car park locations and once the correct car park location is identified, click on the pink area and the car park will be selected. Click 'continue' to proceed to fill in some details and do the payment!

Another great example of things made simple using OneMap. :)

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